The 30-second Project

The 30-second project is a collection of short pieces for piano or toy piano written for Xenia Pestova by composers from all over the world to celebrate her 30th birthday. Selected compositions were premiered by Xenia Pestova (piano and toy piano), Katelyn Clark (toy piano), Julia Den Boer (piano) and Sara Laimon (piano) on the 13th and 17th of June, 2009. The idea was inspired by initiatives like the microscore project among others.

Please visit the drop site to preview and download the scores.

Selected recordings:

Christopher Burns: x = 30 for piano - listen
Karlheinz Essl: Take the C-Train for piano - listen
Alexandra Fol: Aîné(e)x for piano - listen
alcides lanza: aXenia for piano, toy piano and percussion - listen (with Katelyn Clark, toy piano and Shawn Mativetsky, percussion)
Laputean: Happy Birthday @XPressz for piano - listen
Andrew Lewis: X-over for toy piano - listen
Clio Montrey: Barcarolle for toy piano - listen / watch, Broken Music Box for toy piano - listen
Samuel Vriezen: Possible World Nr. 26 for piano - listen
John Young: Still Moving for piano and electroacoustic sound - listen

The 30-second Project Podcast (Subscribe / iTunes):

Episode 1: works for toy piano, featuring Johnny Chang, Thor Kell, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Clio Montrey, Scott McLaughlin and Ken Ueno

Episode 2: works for piano solo, featuring Stephen Mark Barchan, Félix Frédéric Baril, Peter Bogaert, Philip Brownlee, Elliot Cole, Nicholas M. Collins, Robbie Ellis, Alexandra Fol, Ross Harris, Juraj Kojs, Jimmie LeBlanc, Aaron Lindh, Aleah Morrison, Sundar Subramanian, Jeffrey Treviño and Matthew Wilcock

Episode 3: spotlight on Andrew Lewis

Episode 4: spotlight on Karlheinz Essl
(Transcribed version here)


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